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You will get 99% UV protection on any solar control film.  This will protect your furniture, electronics flooring, etc. from harmful UV rays.

Depending on the film you choose. Get an average of 57% heat reduction. This will lower your cooling bills during the summer heat.

1) What benefits will I receive by tinting my home or business?

NO. If you lower your U-factor on your windows, you are increasing the R-value of your windows (or insulation rating).  Installing window tint to your home/business will lower the u-factor thus lowering the rate of convection (heat loss) from the furnace in your home through the windows. The tint will therefore act as an insulation for your windows and help keep your heat inside.

2) Won't I lose out on the heat the sun provides during winter time?

Not necessarily. We have a wide array of shades. We offer films that have a visible light transmission as light at 70% (virtually clear).  Even some of the "darker" films can still look very light because of the material used and not sacrifice the benefits.  In most cases window tint can actually enhance your windows inside and out.

3) Will tinting my home/business negatively affect the natural and make things dark, or obscure my view?


Left window not tinted.  Right 2 windows show DN35 series film.